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President Mr. Willy Okwerekwu
Vice President Mr. Andrew Kakulu
Secretary Mr. Ignatius Nwachukwu
Financial Secretary Mr. Martin Dimunah
Public Relations Officer/Social Secretary   Mr. Charles Iwejuo
Provost Mr. Francis Gusiora

The general purpose of the NCC Catholic Men Organization are:

  • To encourage individual sanctification of each member in deep christian formation leading to understanding of Catholic faith.

  • To unite Catholic men for the promotion of the spiritual, religious, educational, social cultural and charitable work of the church.

  • To participate in the apostolate of the laity by way of united efforts and participation in the liturgy leading to a greater understanding of the Church in today's world.

  • To form a strong group in our community in order to build a strong Catholic faith in our lives, families and community.

  • To encourage and promote the enrollment of new Catholic Organizations at the Parish level and to stimulate the work of existing ones in their efforts to give service to the church.

  • To act as a liaison between the NCMOAB at the parish level and diocesan and through it to the national level, forming a network of organizations.