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President Mrs. Uche Uchendu
Vice President Mrs. Chinwe Okafor
Secretary Mrs. Tina Kamalu
Assistant Secretary Mrs. Jacinta Ndugba
Financial Secretary Mrs. Felicia Umeh
Public Relations Officer Mrs. Edith Okwesa
Assistant Public Relations Officer   Mrs. Amaka Ibekwe
Treasurer Mrs. Benice Iwejuo
Provost Mrs. Chinwe Aneke

The Nigerian Catholic Women Organization Boston comprises of Catholic Women who are dedicated to the service of God, their family and humanity. Members live out their lives in true Christian faith, love and commitment to the norms and teachings of the Catholic Church. The general purpose of the organization is patterned alongside set out by-laws of the league of the Catholic Women of the Archdiocese of Boston and the National Council of Catholic Women’s Organization, some of which are:

  • To encourage individual sanctification of each member in deep Christian formation leading to understanding of the Catholic faith.

  • To unite Catholic women for the promotion of the spiritual, religious, educational, social, cultural and charitable work of the church.

  • To participate in the Apostolate of the laity by way of united efforts, and participation in the liturgy leading to a greater understanding of the church in today’s world.

  • To form a strong group in our community in order to build a strong, Catholic faith in our lives, families and community.

  • To encourage and promote the enrolment of new Catholic Organizations at Parish levels and to stimulate the work of the existing ones in their efforts to give services to the church.

  • To foster a spirit of cooperation, unity and goodwill among all Catholic Women irrespective of origin, social status, educational status, or political affiliations.
  • To enhance the spiritual, religious, educational, social, cultural and developmental growth of her members.